Ives Mirier

// a dandy; a mysterious scholar

A Sharlayan with a dangerous sense of curiosity. A dandy with a desire for beauty, power and knowledge. A scholar with an intelligent mind and a willingness to take risks that many wouldn't dare.

"I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them." - Dorian Gray

About Ives

NAMEIves Clement Mirier
Nameday1st Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon (Dec 1st - Sagittarius)
RaceSharlayan Elezen
GenderCis Male
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorEmerald
BuildLean; athletic
ScentWarm, spicy, mysterious and dark cologne. Notes of woody spices, tobacco leaf, vanilla and ginger.
OccupationOwner of La Vipère; purveyor of intoxicants and poisons.
ProfessionAlchemist, perfumer

AlignmentChaotic Neutral
StrengthsCurious, analytical, intelligent, perceptive, quick-witted, passionate
WeaknessesAloof, distant, cruel, selfish, awkward in some situations
Voice ClaimBen Barnes

Notable Features

  • A rolanberry bramble tattoo with leaves and pale blossoms wrap around his right wrist. One able to detect such things might pick up on a hint of fae magic imbued within it.

  • Usually wears various jewelry such as rings and several earrings. Also has nipples pierced which few ever get to see.

  • One particular earring he nearly always wears is a silver dangling earring featuring a snake motif.

  • Always wearing an Ishgardian steel bangle bracelet.

  • Wears a white gold ring featuring a coiled snake into an infinity symbol design. Within the symbol are two gems, one green and one gold in color. He wears this on his left hand ring finger.

  • Carries a black handkerchief with a coiled snake embroidered on it.



  • Alsent Mirier - Father (Estranged)

  • Orelle Mirier - Mother (Deceased)

  • Isont Mirier - Brother (Deceased)


  • Lebeaux Desrosiers - Romantic Partner

  • Guiscard d'Enguerrand - Fiancé

  • Sebastian de Vairemont - Courting

  • Émile Clovis Jean d’Aristide - Best friend

  • Sivar Veitsiwesfv - Close friend

  • Sevaut Lesoud - Close friend

  • Arafel de Courcelle - Blood bonded

  • Avert - Study Project/Apprentice

  • Evreux Mouraut - Former Assistant

  • Vallerin de Cieloux - Business partner


  • His demeanor can vary quite a bit, sometimes he is quiet and reserved, preferring to observe. Other times he's flirtatious and talkative and seems to enjoy being center of attention and he can be quite petulant. But it's for short bursts. If you get him on certain subjects though, he may never shut up.

  • Some social settings he just has no real experience with despite appearing as someone who is refined and from a noble upbringing. He is someone who spent his life with his nose in a book and it shows at times.

  • He can at times be too blunt or even snarky, perhaps even downright mean. He just sometimes does not have a good filter or perhaps he simply does not care.


  • Fine dining

  • Dancing

  • Reading

  • Poetry

  • Drinking

  • Drugs

  • Fashion


  • Absinthe

  • Fine wine

  • Books

  • Expensive clothes

  • Theater

  • Magic

  • Money

  • Beauty


  • The thought of growing old

  • The thought of losing his beauty

  • The thought of losing his money or the power that it brings him


  • Sharlayan: Ives grew up in Old Sharlayan and studied alchemy as well as taboo magics and the occult in the Studium. He specialized in medicinal alchemy as well as creating scents such as perfumes.

  • Magic: Ives always enjoys discussing magics or getting up to some magic related shenanigans, especially that of taboo magic types. Or perhaps your character wants to learn magic? He perhaps could be convinced to take on an apprentice.

  • Fae: Speaking of strange magic. If your character is someone who can sense such things, they might notice fae magic coming off of a bramble tattoo around the Elezen's wrist. It seems it must serve some sort of purpose?

  • Perfumer: Ives has created his own lines of fragrances, both masculine and feminine. His creations tend to be of the high end scale, primarily catering to the wealthy.

  • Scholarly: A very scholarly type. Ives has written a research book on the subject of using different types of bottles and storage procedures to keep ingredients and finished products as fresh as possible.

  • Stylish: Ives is always wearing rather stylish suits and what one would consider gentlemanly attire. He also is always seen perfectly groomed and has even written articles about subjects such as the etiquette on what sort of fragrances one should wear for various sorts of occasions. However, there is also some things in his closet that he'd likely prefer stay a secret from most.

  • Wealth: Ives is a very wealthy Elezen. In fact, he has an endless source of gil. Is your character one who would want to try to steal from Ives or try to take advantage of that wealth in some way? Or purpose they would hope to catch his eye in a way that he'd begin to spoil them?

OOC Info


  • Always open to making new friends. I have preference for long-term RP but short-term can be okay too.

  • Please understand that I am a rather busy person. I have RL responsibilities as well as the fact that I spend a portion of time running an RP venue. I also have a decent number of already established RP partners. Please don't take my limited availability as a personal offense or as disinterest.

  • No OOC flirting, please, as I'm not looking for any OOC romantic or sexual interactions. Platonic friendship is okay but nothing beyond that!

  • Please understand that I am not my character nor do I share many of my characters thoughts and feelings. I also don't agree with much of what he does! He isn't always a nice person and is capable of doing toxic things. While he may not be friendly to you, it does not mean that I do not like you or your character.

  • I am well over 30 IRL and will only RP with those 21+, for one-on-one & long-term RP, I prefer 30+ only.

  • EST time zone

  • Ives is on the Crystal Data Center


  • Ives is not a monogamous character. While he does have romantic entanglements, they have all developed naturally, over time and primarily via a slow burn pace. Keep this in mind if approaching with shipping expectations.

  • Content can include anything from dark content to adventures to silly, light-hearted fun! I'm willing to roll with most things!

  • Discord RP is reserved for established RP partners.

Inspiration & Aesthetics


  • Marilyn Manson - "Broken Needle" - "Are you alright? 'Cause I'm not okay. All of these lies are not worth fighting for. I am a needle, Dig in your grooves. Scratch you up then I'll put you away."

  • Aesthetic Perfection - "Never Enough" - "I know I'm foolish and I'm young. But can't you see it's not enough? I'm not satisfied. It's all or nothing There's no peace of mind for me And even though I try, my greedy heart is hungry. I'm not satisfied, you see?"

  • Simon Curtis - "Flesh" - "This is just my way of unleashing the feelings deep inside of me. This spark of black that I seem to love"

  • Black Nail Cabaret - "My Casual God" - "I put on a smile. A fake one, a great one. I feel like a slave. I feel like a nun. I'm the worker. You are in charge. You are my ruler. My casual God. And I wanna get out. I just want to feel wanted. I want to know that I'm needed. Don't let me perish. Don't let me down. I just want to feel wanted.I want to know that I'm needed."

  • Pendulum - Crush - "All my fear is coming home. And it's ripped out for the show. You can't be me, I will become you, tonight. I was wandering under black skies, Clutching at what is mine. No control, left to lose."

  • Marilyn Manson - "Perfume" - "If you conjure the devil, you better make sure you got a bed for him to sleep in."

  • In This Moment - "The In-Between" - "So I believed these words and I turned on myself. 'Cause maybe he's right, maybe I'm worthless. Or maybe he's wrong and my mother was right, I got a killer in me to give me purpose."